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Frequently Asked Questions

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In case of needs, how can I receive your assistance?
You could contact us at any moment through the contact form in the "Support" section of this website and you will get a reply within 24h. If you think it’s necessary, for any technical issue you could schedule a chat or a screen sharing appointment with one of our specialized experts.
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The system runs automatically, but doesn’t it need any control?
Even if the software runs automatically it’s still necessary to monitor its trading activity daily, in order to verify that the system working as expected and there are no anomalies.
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I want my system to run 24h - should my own pc always be on?
n order to open trades your pc needs to be on, working and connected to the internet. In alternative you could use a VPS (virtual private server) which is a virtual pc located in a provider's server-room always active 24h / 365 days a year. Activating a VPS with Microsoft Windows systems is really easy: you just have to follow the simple steps the provider describes you to activate it within few minutes. Generally the cost for a VPS goes from 20$ to 50$ per month. The one we use and strongly suggest you is provided by Contabo (www.contabo.com), whose Windows' machines cost only 13$/month and are really fast and reliable. If you intend to choose Contabo we could give you assistance for the installation process once you have subscribed to our service.
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I want the strategy to run on a real account. How should I make the deposit?
The deposit has to be done directly to the broker you have chosen and according to its own procedure. Each one of brokers we suggest you accepts different payment methods, from the most diffused credit cards to wire transfers.
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I want to try the system on a demo account. How can I activate it?
The broker you choose will offer you a demo version of MT4 which usually expires after one month of use. Follow their instructions and contact It if you need further info. If you have subscribed to our service and you can’t still activate your demo account, contact us so that we can assist you even during this process.
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How can I choose the best broker?
We are an impartial and independent company and we won’t give you any info which could result in favor of some broker. Therefore our advice is to test our software on more brokers using different demo accounts: after you should be able to independently choose the one you have found to be the most professional to open a real account with.
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What kind of knowledge do I need to possess in order to install your Expert Advisors in Metatrader?
It's not necessary to be an expert in order to install our EAs; it’s an easy process: having registered and after accessing to your private area, go to the section "Video Tutorials". You'll find a video indicating precisely all the steps to follow for the installation of our EAs. If during the process you find any difficulties you could still ask for our assistance and we’ll be glad to help you!
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I’ve never used Metatrader, is it difficul to install it on my pc?
Installing Metatrader is very simple: after accessing to your private area, go to the section "Video Tutorials". You'll find a video indicating precisely all the steps to follow for the installation of Metatrader. Metatrader is the most widespread trading platform in the world therefore you could find lots of materials on the web to clarify other doubts you may have.
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